the plan

how metabolic engineering works



The first and most rewarding phase of development:

Aim: identify what's holding you back; eliminate negative trends
Focus: Nutrition
Establish goals
Discuss health history & condition
Body measurements & Metabolic rate
Current nutrition intake
Create meal plan
Learn portion control
Provide meal tracking app
(Optional) Lab testing analysis


The second phases looks at a whole-person approach to a healthy lifestyle..

Aim: improve body plan; promote positive habits
Focus: Lifestyle
Adjust meal plan, more flexible
(Optional) Training program
(Optional) Supplementation program
(Optional) Rehabilitation & Relaxation program
Follow-up body measurements



how we implement your body plan

One 90-minute prime session. This is our basic plan and a required component of all other plans. Establish control of your body's nutrition requirements.
One 90-minute prime session & one 60-minute ignite session. Build a comprehensive nutrition, supplementation, and training program. Implement and adjust according to your needs.
Prime, ignite, then monthly 30-minute actualise sessions. Our most advanced offering, providing continuous personalised support. Continue for as long as it takes, or when changing life conditions require re-engineering.

about metabolic engineering

how we pull it together


Christina Sophonpanich is a nutrition consultant trained in Southern California and specialising in metabolic engineering. She also runs a healthy recipe blog, Lila, Chop!, with a focus on guilt-free high-protein treats and snacks. Her work starts with herself—Christina's design is born from experience. As a part-time fitness model & affiliate for BodyRockTV, Christina is also experienced in creating high-intensity invterval training and weight-liftng exercise programs.

Contact Christina by email to set up an appointment.